Take Me To Your Leader 2014

Two years ago I started a unique travel bug race by sending 8 travel bugs to 8 cachers on 3 continents.  The idea was to see which TB, if any, would get back to my home town of Lenoir North Carolina USA first.  It was such a great success I wanted to do it again - but bigger this time.

So, in April 2014 I sent out 16 travel bugs to 16 geocachers on 5 continents, and started the race all over again.

You can view the introduction of the race here.

This page is intended to track the progress of these travel bugs.

Due to the asynchronous nature of how these TBs are released (i.e. they will not be placed into caches on the same day), the winner will be determined by the shortest difference between the date it first hit a cache to the date it is logged into a cache near Lenoir NC.

Stay tuned to this page for  updates on the race's progress.

Note: This page is updated manually. You can get instant updates for each of these bugs via email by adding them to your watch list via the Trackable details page on geocaching.com (click on the Track link below).

Name Track Released By Release Date* Release Location Current Location
Drone #1 TB61X22 BlackRose67 2014/04/18 Ontario CANADA LENOIR NC [FINISHER]
Drone #2 TB61QEQ Visjes 2014/04/22 NETHERLANDS Islas Canarias, Spain
Drone #3 TB61X20 mambofive 2014/05/17 GERMANY Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Drone #4 TB61QEX hfilipe 2014/06/09 PORTUGAL Galicia, Spain
Drone #5 TB61QEG EngPhil 2014/05/04 AUSTRALIA California
Drone #6 TB61X2H JoksKitty N/A DENMARK N/A
Drone #7 TB61QE6 mariusno 2014/05/01 NORWAY Akershus, Norway
Drone #8 TB61QER Team Podcacher 2014/4/19 California USA Dallas Texas, USA
Drone #9 TB61X3D GilkerscleughCache 2014/04/18 SCOTLAND Seattle WA
Drone #10 TB61X32 The Bad Cop 2014/05/11 Washington USA Lumberton, NC
Drone #11 TB61X1X DarrylW4 2014/04/11 Michigan USA Victoria, Australia
Drone #12 TB61X1Z LegoMikey 2014/05/12 SOUTH AFRICA Kwazulu South Africa
Drone #13 TB61QDT gustafer 2014/04/22 JAPAN Nevada
Drone #14 TB61X34 Carbon Hunter 2014/05/05 SOUTH AFRICA Liberecky kraj, Czech Republic
Drone #15 TB61X39 Ištván 2014/04/23 CZECH REPUBLIC Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Drone #16 TB61X35 Connell Finch 2014/04/30 UNITED KINGDOM South Wales, United Kingdom
*Release Date is the date the TB is first logged into a cache.

Special thanks to Lookout Lisa at Cache Advance for helping make this race financially viable. Check out all their great products at:

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