Take Me To Your Leader

On July 5, 2012 I mailed out 8 identical travel bugs to 8 cachers in 5 countries on 3 continents.  The goal of these travel bugs is to see if they can get returned to my home town of Lenoir North Carolina, USA.

This page is intended to track the progress of these travel bugs.

Due to the asynchronous nature of how these TBs are released (i.e. they will not be placed into caches on the same day), the winner will be determined by the shortest difference between the date it first hit a cache to the date it is logged into a cache near Lenoir NC.

Stay tuned to this page for  updates on the race's progress.

Note: This page is updated manually. You can get instant updates for each of these bugs via email by adding them to your watchlist via the Trackable details page on geocaching.com (click on the Track link below).

Name Track Released By Release Date* Release Location Current Location
Drone #1 TB4XJWQ idajo2 July 10, 2012 Washington, USA Sequim WA. [MISSING]
Drone #2 TB4XJ1R boysnbarrie Aug 26, 2012 California, USA Alberta Canada
Drone #3 TB4XJ1D darrylw4 July 14, 2012 Michigan, USA Birmingham, Michigan [MISSING]
Drone #4 TB4XJX6 brdad July 14, 2012 Maine, USA Quebec, Canada
Drone #5 TB4XMNN Luminesence July 17. 2012 England Western North Carolina [SECOND PLACE]
Drone #6 TB4XMNG zilveruno July 14, 2012 Denmark Hamburg, Germany [MISSING]
Drone #7 TB4XMND Tha Duh Feez July 13, 2012 Ontario, Canada North Carolina. [MISSING]
Drone #8 TB4XMPK dvixen July 25, 2012 Australia Lenoir, North Carolina
*Release Date is the date the TB is first logged into a cache.


CrazyCris said...

The four released in the US have an unfair advantage!!! They're starting out much closer to their favourite blue drink! ;o)

I'm going to root for Drone #8 just because I'm a fan if the underdog and he's got the farthest to go! :o)

Ann said...

Well I see number 5 is in England, but we are in Scotland hmmmmmmm. i wonder if we will spot him in a cache up here in Scotland i wonder what the chances are! i will cheer on number 5 as he is in the UK lol

Unknown said...

Go Team Canada (AKA Drone #7), Go! Of course being the launcher of Team Canada and a Canadian I am somewhat biased.

Barrie said...

I released #2 today! It was fun hanging out with my lil' alien buddy from NC. Safe travels!

<3 boysnbarrie

Unknown said...

Hey Dave - I've been (very slowly) working up a similar TB race, with 5 TB's which I will be sending out to the US and Australia which have the aim of returning to a cache near me (in the UK). They each have the name of a plane which flew with the 389th BG during WW2 as the 389th was based just down the road from me. I appear to have lost contact with one of the recipients with the result that only 4 now have homes to go to - do you fancy a swap if you have any 'spare' drones?! If not, I'd be happy just to send one to you anyway. Ta - Matt (MCG1975 on GC.com)

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

Matthew Gotts: I don't have any spares, but I will be happy to receive one f your TBs and send it on its way. I'll contact you through gc.com to send you my address.

Unknown said...

I released number 5 and it didn't take long for him to get back to the states. Someone picked him up from Pirate mania 2012 and took him to Geolympix in Oxford the next day. That week he ended up back in the states :-)

Grassfinger said...

Maybe...just, maybe.

Unknown said...

Well, I see that I delivered the winning drone (even though it was the one released fartherest-by-far from Lenoir) to its base. You can mail my check now.