The Legend Of Dawson's Mine

This is a novella length story I wrote as part of National Novel Writing Month in November 2015.  I am publishing it here for free for anyone to read and enjoy - and to prove that I actually wrote a novel.

You can download the PDF here, or read it online below.

Table Of Contents

Meta Data
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  In which the story before the story is told.

  In which the main geocache of our story is described.

Chapter One: A Journey through Space and Time
    In which our heroes are introduced; a geocache is found; a deer ponders.

Chapter Two: The Man In The Shadows
     In which more details of the mysterious stranger are revealed.

Chapter Three: The Secret Of Dawson's Gold
   In which our heroes attempt to find a geocache; a puzzle is solved; a plan is hatched.

Chapter Four: Flashbacks
    In which the story flashbacks four months; history of a cache series revealed; watchful eyes alerted.

Chapter Five: An Expedition Begins
    In which our heroes travel to a trailhead; A ranger is met; A warning given.

Chapter Six: An Unexpected Party
    In which our heroes hike a trail; views are enjoyed; a shadowy figure appears.

Chapter Seven: There Is A Bad News On The Ride
    In which the old man reveals himself to our heroes; a tale is told.

Chapter Eight: The Calm Before The Storm
    In which our heroes gain some distance from the stranger; a geocache is found; a ranger is called.

Chapter Nine: Darkness Falls
    In which our heroes bushwhack to a clearing; a box is found; a danger is overlooked.

Chapter Ten: Angus Dawson Goes To War
    In which we learn about the history of our foe; a plan is hatched; a battle begins.

Chapter Eleven: Ground Zero
    In which a battle is fought; plans are changed; a cache is forgotten.

Chapter Twelve: Retrograde Maneuvers
    In which our heroes attempt to escape; one hero falls; one hero evades.

Chapter Thirteen: Hunted
    In which our heroes battle their nemesis; injuries suffered; separation occurs.

Chapter Fourteen: The Light At The End Of The Tunnel
    In which a foe disappears; a hero is missing; help arrives.

Chapter Fifteen: Gold Is Where You Find It
    In which our heroes return to find the geocache; a log is signed; a mystery solved.

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