Take Me To Your Leader

On July 5, 2012 I mailed out 8 identical travel bugs to 8 cachers in 5 countries on 3 continents.  The goal of these travel bugs is to see if they can get returned to my home town of Lenoir North Carolina, USA.

This page is intended to track the progress of these travel bugs.

Due to the asynchronous nature of how these TBs are released (i.e. they will not be placed into caches on the same day), the winner will be determined by the shortest difference between the date it first hit a cache to the date it is logged into a cache near Lenoir NC.

Stay tuned to this page for  updates on the race's progress.

Note: This page is updated manually. You can get instant updates for each of these bugs via email by adding them to your watchlist via the Trackable details page on geocaching.com (click on the Track link below).

Name Track Released By Release Date* Release Location Current Location
Drone #1 TB4XJWQ idajo2 July 10, 2012 Washington, USA Sequim WA. [MISSING]
Drone #2 TB4XJ1R boysnbarrie Aug 26, 2012 California, USA Alberta Canada
Drone #3 TB4XJ1D darrylw4 July 14, 2012 Michigan, USA Birmingham, Michigan [MISSING]
Drone #4 TB4XJX6 brdad July 14, 2012 Maine, USA Quebec, Canada
Drone #5 TB4XMNN Luminesence July 17. 2012 England Western North Carolina [MISSING]
Drone #6 TB4XMNG zilveruno July 14, 2012 Denmark Hamburg, Germany [MISSING]
Drone #7 TB4XMND Tha Duh Feez July 13, 2012 Ontario, Canada North Carolina. [MISSING]
Drone #8 TB4XMPK dvixen July 25, 2012 Australia Lenoir, North Carolina
*Release Date is the date the TB is first logged into a cache.