Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

So last Sunday I was holding my girlfriend, Debbie, in my arms. I looked down at her, and she looked up at me. The look in her eyes, I tell ya, moved me to my core (and being 300lbs+, I have a big core).

Her lips were curled up in a smile that was barely perceptable. Her eyes were full and round, glistened ever so slightly. It was the face of pure contentment. Bliss. Love. It was like she was gazing into my very soul, and totally enamoured with what she saw.

I don't know why she would want to be with a guy like me (I seceretly think its because of my cat), but she is. I don't know how she can love me so much, but she does.

I've known she has been in love with me for many months now. I know because she told me. I know because she puts up with me, and wants to be around me despite my corny jokes, and sometimes cranky attitude. I know because she wants to show me off to her friends, and be a part of her family.

But it wasn't until that moment, that one special moment, that I truly realized just how deep that love for me goes. How truly powerful a womans love can be for a man, and how truly blessed I am to have that sort of love in my life, and to be able to hold it so closely in my arms.

I am in love with a woman who loves me back. Its deep, its amazing. Its profound beyond any words I can find to describe it. Its beauty beyond anythng this world has to offer. A precious and rare gift. A reason to thank God, and a reason to smile.

Sunday was a good day to be me.