Thursday, August 17, 2006

Longtan Night Market

Further adventures on the far side of the world. Episode IV - A New Hope The Night Market.

Tonight I ventured forth to downtown Longtan to see the night market. What you say? A night market? Whassa night market?


First of all, the correct pronunciation is " What is a night market?" Or, if you want to be more formal: "Please sir, I would like to enquire to the nature of this night market of which you speak.". Or, if you wish to suck up: "Oh, a night market, you say? I am so very interested in hearing about such an intriguing method of practicing nocturnal commerce. Please be so kind and explain it in your own uniquely awesome way, you sexy thing you."

Either one will do.

And since you asked...every Thursday night the people of Longtan close off a couple of streets near the freeway underpass, put up a few blocks worth of booths, and sell things. The products range from food (stinky tofu is nasty smelling - apparently it tastes better than it smells (it would have to!), but no one I know is brave enough to try it.), to clothing, jewellery, some midway style carnival games, and other similar style booths.

Communicating prices is interesting when you don't share a common language. Sometimes the vendors know just enough english to say the price in english, other times I had to resort to pseudo sign language (holding up fingers, or using my calculator watch to display numbers). Usually the vendors are very good natured about it, and we all shared some laughs as we tried to communicate.

It was a very interesting experience. And yes, I did but some gifts for Debbie, but alas I will make you all wait to know what it is until I give them to her - ain't I so cruel?

Until then, I amuse myself with this:

Punch Bug! *WHACK!*

And thus endeth the lesson.