Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Cat Is Evil

I believe my cat is evil.

I present to you this evidence. This morning while eating my very fine bagel that was toasted with a perfect smattering of Philly cream cheese on top, I was watching Ghostbusters. Caylee, the evil cat in question, was purring as she lay on my stomach.

When the movie got to the point where Mr Peck from the EPA shut down the ecto-plasma containment unit where the Ghostbusters store their ghosts (it was very dramatic with all the lights, explosions, running, and lights spreading out across the city). Peck then had the Ghostbusters arrested. A good person, or a "non-evil" person may say "What the...? How can this be? Peck arrested the Ghostbusters and put them in jail? Who will save New York? Doesn't he realized the immenent return of Gozer that this will cause? The world is screwed forever!". I know I did.

I tried to explain my concerns about the worlds future at the hands of Gozer to my cat, but she just looked at me blankly as if to say "so what?", then she jumped off my lap and ran over to lick her back paw as if to say "I got other things going on here, OK?".

I. Was. Shocked. I mean I have seen my cat handle some tricky situations such as "oh no! my fake mouse toy is behind the couch" and handle intense paradoxes like "oh wow! he threw a cat treat, I must go eat it!". But to the return of Gozer and the end of the world, and the only people that could stop it languishing in a New York prison, she had no concerns at all. Not a one. Concernless she was.

How can this be? There is only one answer to that question. This, my friends, is one evil cat!

== EVIL!