Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Beware - Rabbits may be dangerous to your health.


  1. Colin James this summer at Bluesfest. July 12-15 Riverfront Festival Plaza. Sorry not a free show, but guaranteed to knock your socks off! Schedule will be available soon at

  2. you need to update your blog to include the latest concerts and other stuff....

  3. no I don't. Once cannot force a blog. But once can force a frog... to hop, if you get close enough. thats the trick, getting close to the frog... only then can you force it to jump, and then you have something to blog about.

    ... I am in search of a non-hopping yet really close frog... when I find it, I will have something to update the blog.

    Until then, I leave you in a semi-quasi state of suspense... can you take the tension? well, can ya!? I bet you can!. As for myself, I am about to crack.. stay tuned.