Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rebooting The Franchise

It has been a year since I have posted anything to this site, and 2 years since I posted anything of substance. I am going to take another crack at maintaining a regular blog, so consider this the reboot of the Only Googlebot Reads This Blog franchise.

So lets start by playing catch up. These are the significant events in my life since the last real post to these pages:
  • I have moved from Ontario Canada to western North Carolina. Despite my new surroundings, I still spell colour with a 'u', and pronounce 'z' zed. Poutine is what I crave and Tim Hortons is still my bestest friend (you'd think it would be my wife, but she doesn't make Ice Caps).

  • I am still working for Google, but have been promoted and switched groups. My main job now is [classified] (which is OK because the awesomeness of it would blow your mind). Some would say the best thing about being a Googler is working with some of the best technology available, but really the best thing is the unlimited supply of M&Ms in the micro-kitchen.

  • I have taken up the hobby of geocaching. So far I have >130 finds in 3 countries and 10 states. I enjoy the exploration and exercise the hobby brings. Not to mention I get to play with billion dollar military satellites to find tupperware in the woods :)

  • I have taken up biking to work whenever the weather is agreeable. I could say it is to be "green", get exercise, and is fun, but really I do it to annoy the people in cars that have to share my roads.

  • Speaking of "being green" I should mention that I don't buy into the religion of "global warming", or "climate change" or whatever the catch phrase of the week is. I do think we should invest in green energy, but only because its cool, and not because of some pseudo-science hokum. We should be investing heavily in science and exploration, expanding our knowledge and pushing our boundaries because that is what humans are meant to do.

  • I have two dogs, a Brittany Spaniel mix named Bailey, and a Cocker Spaniel mix named Snoopy. Both are pound puppies. Bailey is one of the best dogs ever, second only to The Littlest Hobo (if you don't know who that is, you clearly didn't grow up in early 1980 Canada and are probably feeling a little left out - get used to that feeling - if you didn't grow up in Canada, you did miss out - don't worry tho, there is still some hope for you). Snoopy is new so hasn't attained awesome status yet, but he's getting there.

  • Last but not least I have reproduced! I now have a 6 month old son named Zeke, who is fat and happy (as babies should be).
So that should catch us up. Stay tuned to this space for more episodes and exciting adventures in the world of Dave.