Friday, June 25, 2010

Beer, Diaper Bags and Church Keys

So I am in a hotel with a bottle of Spaten Premium lager imported from Munich (Munchen has great beer) and annoyingly, like a lot of beer purchased in the US, it is not a twist off cap. I don't have a bottle opener handy... what to do? Luckily I adopted a puppy...

... wait, what?

So 4 months ago we adopted Snoopy, a cocker spaniel mix. Snoopy is a pretty good hound, but in his early days in my house he chewed off all of the zipper pulls from my sons diaper bag. Not the worst thing he could have done, but it is annoying to deal with those little zippers on the bag... Luckily I went on vacation...

... OK, now you're just babbling. Start making sense!

So as souvenirs during our New England tour we have been buying key chains from various locations and using them as replacement zipper pulls. So far we have a Statue Of Liberty bear keychain from Manhattan, a Cape Cod Potato Chip keychain from Cape Cod, and a Mystic Pizza church key keychain from Mystic CT... Aha! Solution!

So: vacation + chewy puppy + baby bag = deliciousness for the bear man. Ain't life's little coincidences grand?

As an aside: I just opened a beer bottle with my sons diaper bag... am I redneck enough for Lenoir yet?

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Anniversary The Third

So three years ago I got married. I still think its crazy, and my wife is completely nuts to have shown up then (My first words to her after we said the vows was "ha ha sucker!"), but I am glad she did. I think she's nuts to stay with me all this time (I expected her to run away 2.5 years ago - after all, who would want to live with me? have you met me? Yeah, so you know what I am talking about.), but I'm glad she has.

I was worried about how to celebrate this year because we started out celebrating anniversaries on a pretty high scale. Our first anniversary we happened to be starting a 4 month work trip to Europe so we ended up celebrating it in Dublin. Our second anniversary was a weekend trip to Myrtle Beach SC. How is one supposed to top that? Luckily I married a practical woman (hint: go for the Dutch farmers daughters! Horrible spellers but very practical.) so our third will be a dinner and a movie, and my wife is completely happy about it.

Based on this trend our fourth anniversary will probably be celebrated by going for a walk, and our 50th will be celebrated with a wink. Oh well, I get to spend the years in between anniversaries sharing my life with my wife, which is the best celebration I could ask for.

A lot has changed in our lives. We've moved to a different country, bought a house, adopted two dogs, and spawned a new human . Throughout all of that one thing never changed... I still believe I married the best woman in the world. I love you sweetheart. Happy 3rd!