Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Anniversary The Third

So three years ago I got married. I still think its crazy, and my wife is completely nuts to have shown up then (My first words to her after we said the vows was "ha ha sucker!"), but I am glad she did. I think she's nuts to stay with me all this time (I expected her to run away 2.5 years ago - after all, who would want to live with me? have you met me? Yeah, so you know what I am talking about.), but I'm glad she has.

I was worried about how to celebrate this year because we started out celebrating anniversaries on a pretty high scale. Our first anniversary we happened to be starting a 4 month work trip to Europe so we ended up celebrating it in Dublin. Our second anniversary was a weekend trip to Myrtle Beach SC. How is one supposed to top that? Luckily I married a practical woman (hint: go for the Dutch farmers daughters! Horrible spellers but very practical.) so our third will be a dinner and a movie, and my wife is completely happy about it.

Based on this trend our fourth anniversary will probably be celebrated by going for a walk, and our 50th will be celebrated with a wink. Oh well, I get to spend the years in between anniversaries sharing my life with my wife, which is the best celebration I could ask for.

A lot has changed in our lives. We've moved to a different country, bought a house, adopted two dogs, and spawned a new human . Throughout all of that one thing never changed... I still believe I married the best woman in the world. I love you sweetheart. Happy 3rd!