Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Minute Of A Thunderstorm

I love thunderstorms. They allow you to witness the power of nature while being entertained with a light show, all from your front porch. One amazing benefit of living in North Carolina is that we get a lot of thunderstorms.

Last night we had a very strong storm. Lots of lightening and rolling thunder, for almost an hour. The following clip was taken from my side porch at approx. 9pm using my Android phone (Nexus One). About2 minutes later lightening struck near our house and knocked out power in the neighbourhood for 13 hours.

To give you a rough idea of strength of this storm: Bailey the wonder puppy, who has never shown any fear of storms in the past, was absolutely petrified. She hid in bathrooms and under beds, and behind couches. Places she never goes on her own (she's not allowed in the bedrooms and bathrooms). It added much amusement to the proceedings.

Without further ado, I present to you "One Minute Of A Thunderstorm" by Dave, and Mother Nature, who I call "Mommy Naturepants"