Monday, August 23, 2010

My lunch project: Inukshuk Construction

The 2010 Winter Olympics logo
included an inukshuk
I frequently go for walks after lunch around our property at work.  Our location has a lot of land, much of it under developed construction leftovers and rock piles left over when they were building out our current space.  About a month ago I was walking by a rock pile and I was suddenly inspired to build an inukshuk....

I'm sorry, build a what?

An inukshuk is a stone marker placed by people in the far north of North America (Inuit etc.) and are used to indicate hunting grounds, act as way markers, or just to say "I was here".  Some inukshuks are just a single stone, others are more elaborate constructs, and some resemble humans.  A prominent example of one is included in the 2010 Winter Olympics logo.

Most people in Ontario Canada (where I am from) would think of the humanoid version when they think of an inukshuk, so that is what I tried to build.  I dug through the rock pile looking for the right combination of stones that would end up resembling my vision, and after 15 minutes I ended up with this guy:
My first inukshuk.

Today I went for a walk in the same area and I stopped to see if my inukshuk was still there. Turns out he was just as I left him.  I forgot my camera the first time, but this time I snapped a pic.

What do you think?