Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Great Big Sea

Great Big Sea is a high energy maritime folk rock band from Newfoundland Canada.  Last night they played the McGlohon Theatre in downtown Charlotte NC.    Luckily all the details (getting last minute tickets, lining up a babysitter etc.) worked out and my wife and I were able to head down to Charlotte and check out the show.

We have been fans of Great Big Sea for 10+ years, and it was a real treat for a couple of Canadian expats to spend an evening enjoying some amazing Canadian music.  We were not dissapointed.  GBS was in top form as they played a double set of their classic hits and some tracks off of their latest record.  The sound quality was almost perfect, and the audience interaction was fantastic.  The energy in the room started out high and didn't come down until the end of the last song.

If you are not familiar with GBS, their songs range from the serious to fun to extremely fun, and all celebrate the maritime culture that defines Newfoundland.  I managed to grab the following bootleg video of GBSs performance of a comedic song called Charlie Horse, which is a song about friends rescuing a horse who drowned in a lake.  It is a perfect example of how GBS songs often make light of the events surrounding the often hard life in traditional Newfoundland and Labrador.  Please forgive the video quality.  I only managed to grab one video before I was told "pictures were not allowed in the theatre".  I hope you enjoy it.