Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Myrtle Beach Diaries - Day 7 & 8: Back to Life, Back To Reality

Friday was our last day of vacation.  We spent it shopping and relaxing on the beach.  I bought some new hiking boots at the Bass Pro.  The mall had a very nice play area for toddlers and Zeke spent a half hour playing there.  Then he realized that the door was open so he made a break for it, spending the next 20 minutes crawling and pushing his stroller around the mall, to much amusement to passerby's and store employees.  Apparently being an 11.5 month old baby and on the lam is all it takes to garner attention :)

That evening we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with the family in the non-traditional style of KFC take-out.  After we ate we had an early celebration for Zekes birthday.  Since my side of our family cannot make it for his actual birthday we decided to give Zeke two parties.  He had his first birthday (cup)cake, which he destroyed and devoured with all the intensity and enthusiasm that only 1 year olds can muster.  He enjoyed himself immensely.

The next day we started out on our journey back to western North Carolina.  We packed up the car and headed across state lines to Ocean Isle NC to check out the sites and grab a few geocaches.  Then we drove straight home with just a small detour to Dunkin Donuts.

We arrived home at 5pm and spent the rest of the evening gathering up our dogs from the various puppy-sitters, unloading the car, and relaxing.

So that ends our adventure to Myrtle Beach SC.  Below are all the pictures I took for your amusement.