Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Myrtle Beach Diaries - Days 2-4: Beach Bum & Defenders Of The Realm

Debbie on the beach at night, striking a pose.

The past few days I have been on  vacation in Myrtle Beach SC with my family.  For the most part we have been doing typical beach things - swimming in the ocean, lying on the beach, looking for dolphins in the surf, enjoying the hotels many hot tubs and pools, and taking long walks with the wife watching sunsets over the ocean.

On Monday while the girls went shopping I went geocaching with my dad and spend the morning exploring parts of Myrtle Beach that we have not seen before, despite our bi-annual visits to the area.

One of my planned activities for this trip was to go to Medieval Times.  For those not familiar with the place it is a dinner theatre set in the 1100s, and contains live action jousting, sword fighting and other pursuits of knights and kings.   My parents had offered to babysit Zeke for an evening so I had the perfect chance for a fun date night with my wife.

A falconer and his Falcon named Lady Athena.
Tickets to the show are >$50 each, so when I was offered the chance to get free tickets in exchange for a timeshare demo I was intrigued.  I have heard of similar tours in the past but never qualified (not living in the US was the main issue).  Now that I do qualify I figured I'd give it a chance.  So on Tuesday morning at 9:30 my wife, kid, and I headed over to the sales office to get our tour.  3.5 hours and a sales pitch later we left without a time share, 2 free nights in a hotel, and most importantly, two free tickets to Medieval Times.   This evening we ate and entire roast chicken meal with our hands (cutlery not being invented yet in 1100AD) and watched a very entertaining show full of drama, suspense, action and cheering ourselves hoarse.  Good times had by all :)