Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sergeant Fuzzyboots

Sgt. Fuzzyboots.
Apparently we have been adopted by a cat!

A few weeks ago we noticed an orange tabby cat hanging around the neighbourhood.  We did not think much of it, and went on our merry way.  Little did we know we were being investigated. Last week I was loading Zeke into the car, and the same cat came out of nowhere and jumped into the car (on the floor in the back seat, not on Zeke).  Ever since then he has been hanging around our side door and greeting us when we go outside.  We apparently passed the investigation and were deemed worthy.

I can haz family?
This cat is incredibly friendly.  We can pick him up easily, does not get spooked with loud noises, and has a sweet disposition.  Even the presence of Bailey The Wonder Puppy does not phase him a great deal.  Either he has a home and has roaming tendencies, or he was a house cat and was abandoned.  Given the frequency with which he is outside our door (aka constantly) I am guessing its the latter.

Since winter is coming on... eventually - we northerners still have not gotten used to the concept that Halloween does not mean snow is imminent - and the cat does not seem to have a home, we (ok, ok: I) started feeding it, gave it a box to sleep in, and of course I gave him a name:  Sergeant Fuzzyboots.  

Note the dogs in the background thinking either "are
we being replaced?" and/or "what is it?  It looks tasty."
"Why a sergeant", you may ask, probably not overly interested, but you are nice folk so you smile politely and hope I won't give a long answer, "instead of a Colonel or General?"  Rest assured that I am almost done with this post, thank you for your question, and answer thusly: We have not adopted him officially so he can not be an officer in my pet army, but he deserves to be more than a common foot soldier, so I drafted him as a non-commissioned officer into the Pet Corps - Special Forces: Mouser Division.

He really seems to be the type of cat, if one was so inclined to be a cat person, that one would adopt. If I was not allergic to our feline companions it is quite possible that I would adopt him.  Since I can not have cats in the house, he will have to remain an outdoor cat. As it stands we are feeding him, and I am going to get him fixed, but he is still free to roam as his kitty heart desires.   Hopefully he will pay us back with kitty snuggles, and do some mouse and mole hunting.