Monday, November 29, 2010

Batman Quilt

My wife started quilting last year and so far has made quite the collection of quilts for people.  When she asked me what I wanted in a quilt there was only one answer:  Batman!  So she got some Batman fabric and quilted me up a very nice quilt that is currently hanging in my cube at work, and like the real Batman, provides a vital and important service to the citizens of Gotham my work space.

You see, my cube backs onto the games area in our office space (every office has a games area, right?) and between the games area and my desk is a glass wall.

The glass wall has, from time to time, protected me from flying ping pong balls, but it does nothing in the way of providing privacy.  As it turns out, and completely unplanned, the Batman quilt fits the glass wall perfectly, and now I have Batman protecting me from the evils of flying plastic balls and providing a comforting sense of privacy.  Once again, Batman saves the day!

The quilt is awesome :)  It has gotten several gushing compliments from my co-workers, and I proudly attribute the work to my crafty wife. Thanks honey!

For more information on the making of the quilt, see my wifes entry in her blog here.