Thursday, January 27, 2011

Milestone: Biking for Charity

My employer runs program called Self Powered Commuting in which they donate money to charity every time an employee bikes or walks to work.  So every time I bike to work I claim a stamp, and once a year I donate the value of those stamps to a charity of my choice.  Today I finally collected enough stamps to donate the equivalent of the purchase price of my bike to charity. This, to me, means the bike was a wise investment - despite the exercise and weight loss.

So, some of my commuting bike stats to date:
  • First time I biked to work:  April 27, 2009
  • Round trips to work: 95
  • Distance travelled during commutes: 532 miles
  • Money raised to date: $642.73
  • Number of times biked to work in > 100f weather:  2
  • Number of times biked to work in < 32f (freezing): 3
  • Number of times biked to work when school was cancelled due to weather: 1
  • Number of times hit by car:  0
  • Number of times blogged about hitting bike milestones: 2
  • Amount of roadkill directly caused by me: 0
  • Number of groundhogs non-fatally hit by cars due to my bike: 1
  • Amount of weight lost:  I dunno, I don't measure that.  Stop bugging me! I'm beautiful on the inside...
  • Number of times my readers rolled their eyes and wished I'd "shut up already!" about my biking to work stats: 42 (approximate guess)

Not bad for a lazy fat guy if I do say so myself., so... yay me.