Friday, April 08, 2011

The Texas Pierre

Today was chicken wings and pizza day at the office.  Normally this sounds right up this bears culinary alley, but alas disappointment was to be had.  The pizza was a fancy foo-foo pie with no sauce and little cheese that was an embarrassment to real pizza. The wings were dry and uninspired (you may ask yourself how a wing can be "inspired", and the answer is, well, complicated but delicious).

So what are we to do with such a situation?  Experiment! My coworker Michael went to the fridge and pulled out some condiments and other containers and we ended up with the following:

            • Texas Pete hot sauce
            • duck sauce
            • various hot mustards
            • organic Maple Syrup (yeah, I know, what maple syrup *isn't* organic?  silly marketers)
My first experiment was to go whole hog and mix maple syrup, duck sauce, hot mustard and Texas Pete together, then spread it on a wing.  It was definitely flavourful, but it was too many competing flavours all at once.  Mainly the duck sauce overpowered everything else.

Experiment two proved to be a winner:  equal parts maple syrup and Texas Pete.  It was wonderful - a heavenly blend of sweet and heat.  All it really needed was a thickening agent (perhaps butter).  Otherwise it was about as awesome as awesome gets, which is good as I only had 5 chicken wings and was running out things to experiment with.

Since the maple syrup was imported from Canada, which means odds are it is from Quebec (they make 75% of the worlds maple syrup supply) I dubbed this delicious concoction the "Texas Pierre", tho Michael preferred "Maple Pete".

I highly recommended you try it on your next chicken wing.