Sunday, June 26, 2011

Geocaching Adventures: Return to Hibriten Mountain

My caching/hiking gear enjoying the view of Lenoir
from the top of hibriten Mountain
Back in December I went caching up Hibriten Mountain, the largest peak in the area.  I escaped from Hibriten Mountain, but I didn't find the cache.

Today, 6 months since the last hunt and 7 months since it was last found, I returned to the mountain to hunt for the cache again.  I was determined to get this sucker, called Dreams Of Flight, off my todo list.

It is a 2.5 mile hike to the top of the mountain, 2.5 miles back, and I spent a good mile getting to ground zero and hunting around.

The top of the mountain is mostly rugged terrain, with lots of fallen logs, dead leaves, and a lot of rocks to climb over.   It took me a good 45 minutes of clambering and sliding around, but I finally found the cache and with a great sense of victory I signed that log.

On the way back down I ran into a friend and cacher who goes by the cacher name clevernickname.  I gave him some tips on the find, and he managed to make the find as well.

I am really proud of myself for finding this cache.  It was by far the most physically demanding cache I have done. Two years ago I would have never had the energy to accomplish this. It appears my hiking and biking to work is starting to pay off :)