Friday, September 09, 2011

GeoSnippits - A Geocaching Video Tutorial Series

Are you looking to start out in the game, the sport, the obsession, known as Geocaching?  Been doing it a while and looking for some tips on your first hides?

I have been thinking of doing an "Introduction to Geocaching" series on my blog when I realized that it has already been done, and much better than I could probably do.

HeadHardHat is a cacher from North Carolina who has produced a really nice series of videos to help you with all your geocaching questions.  So if you a new, or new at heart, to geocaching you may wish to check out HeadHardHats GeoSnippits videos.

If you don't want to, well that is your choice I guess.  It is a free country (I am assuming you are in a free country - if not you should try it  - its nice).  However you are missing out on some excellent geocaching information! So what are you waiting for?