Friday, September 02, 2011

Hollywood Computer Literacy

There was an interesting discussion at work about how Hollywood is awesome at getting technology so so very very wrong.  Since it was all public information I decided to share the essence of that discussion with you all, my loyal reader.   If you are a geek, prepare to cringe. If you are not, prepared to say "what is wrong with that?"

First some double typing in NCIS to avoid a "hack".


 CSI:NY provides us with the awesome "I'll create a GUI interface using Visual Basic,  see if I can track an IP address"... or, you know, use the existing traceroute, or tracert in Windows, or the hundreds of existing free apps to do the same thing.


 Then there is Numb3rs rather bizarre description of IRC. Luckily she speeks leet.

So there you having. Three stunning examples of Hollywood's amazing grasp of technology.  I do like the theory that maybe they are just trolling us geeks :)