Monday, March 05, 2012

Geocaching Podcasts

There are many geocaching related podcasts in the world. Too many to listen too on a weekly basis.  The following are some of the geocaching related podcasts I listen to on a weekly basis.

The Cache-A-Maniacs started out as a "Candid and uncut interview with a geocacher in a fairly formal format, but has recently evolved into Cache-A-Maniacs Connections, which is also an interview show but in a much more relaxed conversational style.

They also have a new podcast called GeoGearHeads, which has a range of topics for the geocaching technical enthusiast.  You can get more information for all of these caches at

The next geocaching related podcast is the tautalogically named Geocaching Podcast.  It is a weekly podcast that has a weekly news segment, the geocaching question of the day, and a discussion panel amongst the hosts that discusses a wide range of topics related to the world of geocaching.

They also have an active listening community so listeners can take part in the episodes.  You can get more information at

The final podcast is entitled Geocaching World, produced by, an RV themed channel.  Geocaching World is a video show that is released as a broadcast, and also covers a wide range of geocaching topics.  You can get more information at

This is just a small sampling of all of the geocaching related podcasts.  There are other ones that are just as good as these.  A quick Google search should reveal all the details.

I hope this helps you get a little more connected to the ever changing world of geocaching.