Saturday, April 07, 2012

Geocaching Adventures: Riverbend Park

Last year I spent an afternoon hiking around Riverbend Park near Hickory NC (blog post here).  There have been many new caches published in the park since then, so this afternoon I spent some more time hiking around the park.

Riverbend Park is truly a hidden gem  in the Hickory NC area.  The trails are all well groomed and easy to walk on. The scenery is varied: pine forest, deciduous forest,  rivers, creeks, ponds, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, dog park, picnicking.  It has it all.  Everyone who visits Hickory and has any interest in the outdoors should really do themselves a favour and check out this place.  This goes double if you are a cacher, as the caching is really rich, and the options plentiful.  Any cacher will find what they are looking for in this park.

I spent 3 hours in the park, and hiked 6.3 miles.  I could easily double that number.  All of the caches I found this time and last were interesting and unique caches, and all seem to be well maintained.

Today I did 7 caches, including a puzzle and a multi cache.  There were even a few ammo cans to sweeten the experience.

All in all a good day of caching, and I have the photos to prove it.  There are still several caches in the park I was unable to get to this time, so I will be back. However until then these pics will show off some of the awesomeness of Riverbend:


Unknown said...

Is that a bison tube just out in the open? Wow, here we are forced to endure endless pine, fir, and spruce needles prickled into our forearms.

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

That bison tube was behind the tree, off the trail about 65ft. Most of North Carolina woods the prickles from pine trees are a mercy. We have all the pines trees, plus we are infested with holly trees, and numerous (in variety and number) of lone thorny vines. Some very fine and stick to you like velcro, others long and pointy. They always end up crossing your path, and form thickets of nastiness and pain. I never go into the bush and not come out with at least a few scratches. I have six from yesterday, one 4 inches long. NC bush is just nasty nasty stuff.