Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day: Avian Highway Edition

1400th find.
Yesterday I came home to find that my wife and Zeke made me a Fathers Day cake (detailed on her blog here).  It looked unintentionally Seussian, but it was really delicious.

She then asked me what I wanted for Fathers Day.  My first thought was a Porsche 911 Turbo.  She sadly said "nay nay".  My second choice was to go geocaching with the family and getting my 1400th find milestone.  This she agreed too (and got her many extra wifey points)

So after church this morning we piled into the Geocaching Van Of Destiny (it always makes things more adventuresome if you name things this way - try it!) and drove for 90 minutes to to the Cowans Ford Wildlife Refuge in Mecklenburg County North Carolina to tackle the Avian Highway power trail.

A power trail is a series of caches that are placed together just over 528ft away (the minimum distance between physical caches according to the Groundspeak cache placement guidelines).

Normally I don't do a lot of power trails, but this one was short, just 12 caches (barely a power trail at all - more like the 9v battery of power trails), and along a really nice stretch of dirt road, so it seemed like a great way to kill some time and hit a milestone.

1400 looks kinda like this.
My 1400th cache was the 5th cache along the "highway", and was a red bison tube hanging on a tree.  It took us about 45 minutes to do the entire highway, and I had a great time along the way.

At the end of the highway is an observation deck, where we stopped to kill some time, feed Abigail, get Zeke a cache that I had found previously, and give my wife a chance to try out her new camera tripod.

Once we finished there we went over to the Latta Plantation, a nature park a couple miles to the east, to snag a few more caches.  We then headed back home to get some much needed child nap times.

All told I snagged 17 caches today, and spend some quality time with the family.  Not a bad way to spend a Fathers Day.

I'll leave you with some more pictures from the day, including those two little humans that call me dad.