Friday, August 10, 2012

Geo Addiction Club Meet & Eat

Tonight we engaged in some of the most fun that a geocacher can have. Oddly enough it isn't found on the trails (usually), but rather gathered around a table. I speak, of course, of geocaching events.

 Our local group of cachers got together tonight at a nearby restaurant for some food, cheer, and to swap stories from the trail.

It is always fun putting faces to names that you've only seen in cache logs.  Tonight I met a bunch of fine folks who meet that exact description, and now I can call them friends.

When I moved here almost 4 years ago the geocaching community in Lenoir NC was not very active (at least if it was I wasn't aware of it).  I tried in my introverted ways to get the locals more interested in geocaching by placing a bunch of caches, and hosting a couple events.

My efforts seem to have paid off as there were 28 folks at this event, and someone else (scoutermom & AtlasYMM) hosted it.  It is awesome to see such a fine community of cachers get together.

Also, the food.  Its never a bad time for crab legs, am I right? :)

Even Abigail made some new friends, and thats pretty hard to do when your main social skill is drooling.

I have been to many geocaching events now, and I can honestly say that hanging out with a bunch of cachers is always going to lead to some good times.  If you haven't been to an event, I highly recommend you find one close to you and make plans on attending.  You will not regret it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! A cacher in our area does an event like this once a a month, always on a different side of town. So those who can't make it one week usually can the next ;-)

idajo2 said...

The "event aspect" of geocaching is not, IMHO, given enough credit! I've hosted a few events in my time (and attended *many*); I've never left an event without having learned something new! Geocachers are "easy" - to please, that is! Give them food, drink and a few other cachers for story-swappin' purposes and they're beyond happy! Glad you had a good time Dave! I just KNEW events would grow on ya!! ;)

Unknown said...

That first Photo says it all, brother, you are CacheCrazy!
Great post!

Unknown said...

Where else can you have an ammo can out in public and not get questioned about it? (There is an ammo can at my elbow in one of the pictures!). Thank you for all you have done for geocaching in our area!!