Saturday, August 25, 2012

Geocaching Adventures: Niagara Falls

Tuesday was a busy day for me. I started the morning with a walk around Queenston Heights, then after lunch I toured a ghost town, and then to finish off the day I headed to Niagara Falls to explore one of the worlds natural wonders.

I also had some geocaching business to take care of.

I have been to the falls many times  - my first date with my wifey was partly at the falls, and we've been there many times since - but visiting  the falls itself have always been a secondary activity, and I didn't get a lot of time to simple sit and take them in.  So Niagara Falls seemed like a great location to end my day of wandering.

First to business.  I had picked up a travel bug a few weeks ago at an event.  The bug was a brass looking anchor with Niagara Falls Canada written on it (odd, since it was released in California, but who am I to judge?).

The goal of the bug is to travel to boats, light houses, and places that have monuments with anchors.  Even tho it didn't mention water falls, I knew I was heading to the bugs namesake, so I figured I should take it with me.  I checked the bug into the Earth Cache at the falls, and took this photo -->

My duty to the travel bug taken care off I then found the Tim Hortons and got an Ice Cappuccino (aka liquid crack for Dave), sat down beside the falls, and took in the scenery.

Once I was refreshed from my delicious beverage I moved on and went down the Niagara River a mile or so to find the most visited traditional cache in Ontario (according to the cache description)  Foundations:  Ghosts Of The Clifton.  The description also says that the chances of meeting fellow cachers while doing this cache is high as a result.

The cache is in an out of the way courtyard that is easy to miss by tourists.  I arrived and had the place to myself.  I quickly found the cache, and sat down  on a nearby rock to open it.  As I sat I noticed a family enter the area, the mom had the tell tale signs of a geocacher (Walking slowly, GPS looking device in one hand, intensely interested only in objects that could hide things).  I put the cache behind my back.

When she got close enough and caught my eye, I showed her my GPS.  She laughed and asked if I had found the cache yet.  That is when I pulled the container out and showed it to her.  We talked for a bit, and then they moved on.  I had to wait another 5 minutes or so to replace the cache as some proper muggles came by as I was signing the log.

Eventually everything was placed back as it should be, and I headed across the street to the Hard Rock Cafe for a beer and poutine for desert.  Afterwards I drove back home.

It was a wonderful end to a great day of exploring and caching.  Here are some more pics from Niagara Falls.

I added this life rule after today: Any adventure that includes a natural wonder of the world doesn't suck.


Erika Jean said...

SO awesome! I've never been to that wonder, but want too! I visited and geocached at one last weekend myself ;-)

Unknown said...

Dave man, you're killing me with this post! I so love Niagara Falls! Now I want to go back even more! Can you say, "ROAD TRIP"!

CrazyCris said...

Definitely doesn't suck at all! WONDERFUL road trip! :o)

Unknown said...

Nice pics Dave, you reminds me my last year Niagara falls trip. Maid of the Mist boat ride and journey behind the was really most adventurous experience for us.