Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Contest: Tell me your stories, win a prize

Note: The contest is closed and the winner has been announced.

My blog has been getting extra traffic lately, and I am wondering who all you find folks are.  So I figure the best way would be to gather some of your stories from the trails.

As thanks, and a bribe for audience participation, I have reached into my personal collection of geo-swag and pulled out a prize to give away to one lucky reader.

So in exchange for your story, you will be entered into a random drawing for a brand new shiny Geo-achievement 1000 Finds pin. The pin is gold-plated, and is 1" in diameter.   Perfect for carrying on your pack, or on your lapel at geocaching events.  It can be used to celebrate this important geocaching milestone, or it can serve as motivation to get there :)

All you have to do to enter is to drop a story from the trail into the comments section below.  Please include your geocaching name, your general location (be as specific or generic as you like), and an interesting story from the trail.   Your story can be as long as you like - couple sentences to a couple novels.  It is up to you.  Extra thumbs up for your 1000th find story, if you have one.

I will hold a random drawing for the pin on October 15th, 2012.

I am looking forward to hearing about your best geocaching stories!


Woody said...

My log for GC1C47M (recently tried & failed)
Where do I start... we arrived at GZ parking and drove past it so had to go to the end of the lane,turn around and come back,once parked we walked along the field and did a recky on where we needed to go then walked back to the van (Van & narrow was scary)
Once back at the van we got suited & booted (waterproofs & Wellies) apart from Gadgyt who for some weird reason don't own wellies.
We started the walk,bags on backs,paddles in hand and we soon met the mud & Oh My it was Muddy,Scuba_2 was in front,followed by me then Gadgyt in his waterproof boots,we came to the fallen tree and scuba scurried under and grabbed the bags off us,we being fitter (Dig at Scuba) jumped over the tree,well scrambled over.
The mud got worse & worse until we were at the entrance and there was a great patch for blowing up the boats,so that's what we did...Oh Bugger there's a hole in one..fixing gear put on and repaired (so we thought) so scuba set off into the Abyys,head torch on,life jacket on singing his heart out (scared we think) and within 20 mins he returned....boat almost flat... the fix didn't work.....Bugger.
Gadgyt got into his little dingy and set off on his travels down the tunnel whilst we tried to sort the boat out........50 mins later Gadgyt returned....Knackered...he had completed the challenge YEAH... I was offered to go in the dingy buy at being 18st i thought better,paddling for approx 1 mile in the dark in a dingy was just not safe for a fat lad.......I will be day,with a 2 man floatation device and Scuba_2 & Gadgyt and maybe a few others.
Thanks for the challenge.i will give it a fav just for the fact its great getting there...MUD galore
So close but so far away
(Pics can be seen on GeM Facebook page (Geocaching East Midlands)

Woody said...

caching name = siluspoker
from = Nottingham UK
age = 47
time caching = 2 years in october 1012

Rob said...

Hey this is OBXGeek here from northern Virginia outside the DC metro area.

One of the most fun adventures with caching was in November of 2010. My Mom PaddleAway and I decided to complete the Great Lakes Seaway Trail. I took off Friday and Monday and headed north to meet her in Northern Pennsylvania about half way between my house and the eastern tip of the trail. On Friday morning we got up early and drove to start the trail and had our first find at about 9 in the morning. That first find though was an accidental letterbox in the same park as the trail cache. After locating the proper container we continued the day in and out of rain storms for most of the time. By the time day light was falling we had finished one of the 5 regions and were started in on the next. Some driving in the dark and 10 more ammo cans had us finishing the night with two regions under our belt and headed to the third. That first day found us in state parks, visitors centers and some of the prettiest locations that the area has to offer.

Saturday morning we got on the road early again and were headed towards Rochester NY. This region was one of the hardest with longer walks to get to each of the caches and harder road navigation between sites to find the best places to park. We moved on into the Buffalo Niagara Falls region at the end of Saturday and spend the night near the falls so that we could visit them Sunday morning. We were able to take in most of the tourist spots and completed a few earth caches while we were there. Then back on the road to finish up the region and leaving us with just one region to go. We worked our way through the Lake Erie region doing lots of research work on the way to make sure that we were going to be able to find the caches as there were a few disabled in the region and we had to get atleast 10 to earn our coin. We opted for some multis with more walking over a puzzle that had stumped many people sending them back to the first spot to redo their math. We ended up racing the sun to one of the hides at a winery where they didn't allow night caching so we had to hurry. We pulled in and managed to find the cache just before the sun dipped below the horizon. Then off to visit a lighthouse in Erie PA to pick up the last cache in the region.

All told we found 50 caches in the trail with another handful of earth caches and nontrail caches along the way. The trip racked up nearly 1400 miles from the time I met up with my mom and just shy of 2000 total for me. They were 5 of the hardest earned coins I have and resulted in my favorite caching memory.

Erika Jean said...

27 years old
Tucson, AZ
3.5 years caching
1015 finds, 2 countries and 14 states.

I'll tell you about MY FIRST...
My Mom's Husband got a gps for Xmas for hiking and whatnot. My mom had heard about geocaching on someone's blog and mentioned it to him a few days after. A few minutes later we had all signed up and went looking for our first cache. We looked and looked and looked and couldn't find it. We cam back home (the cache wasn't far) and looked at description and logs.... and then we went back out and found it! Yippee. I was hooked instantly. Of the 3 of us I'm the only one that still caches regularly ;-)

More stories @

Unknown said...

You have my address
Here is my funny but true story of parenting challenges.

While geocaching with my youngest daughter I was complaining that my legs hurt, I was out of shape, too old and to please slow down (this was of course before the awesome condition I’m in today, lol)! That didn't seem to slow her down so I grabbed for my stomach and said “and I have such bad gas” (hey it worked and sounded good at the time). Just then we happened upon four college gals hiking out. They smiled at my little one and one of them said “are you guys having fun?” my little angel said “we were until my dad told me how old and tired and out of shape he is”, the girl laughed and said to me “you better pick it up old man” jokingly but, my daughter was right there to defend me “that’s because he has real bad gas” she blurted out very a matter of factly!!!! They laughed and kept on walking, I could have killed her! A simple yes would have sufficed.

Unknown said...

I just came across your blog this morning. Greetings from the Vancouver, BC area! :)

I just reached my 1000th find last weekend. I was sitting at 988 finds when I took the kids out for the day to get to this milestone (which has confirmed that this is no longer a hobby for me, but more of an obsession).

I knew that I wanted GC1626F for #999 and GC1EZZC for #1000. We worked our way out that way, finding caches as we went. When we reached the Hope Landslide, we took care of the earthcache fairly quick. Then, into the rock quarry to find that elusive cache. The hint is surprisingly helpful (Roots of the tree. Hidden in a rock crevice/mini-cave in a dark green container), considering it is the rubble of a nearly 50 year old landslide. We took the long way to the cache (as I usually do.. I never seem to find the quick and easy path!), and then I had it in hand. I have been there countless times before, but the power of nature still astonishes me. We took some pictures of this momentous occasion and then we were on our way.

Langley, BC, Canada
1021 finds (until I go out later today!)
48 hides in total

Barrie said...

Geo ID: boysnbarrie
Location: San Diego CA
Caching Since: May 2008
US States: 16
Countries: 2
Finds: 3567
Hides: 21

I'm pretty sure you'll understand why I couldn't limit myself to just one story, Dave. ;-)

Story: My 1000th find.
Cache ID: Milestones (GC1466J)

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Came here to record my 1000 milestone cache find with my son, halftrack guy. This is a bit of a tricky hide - took me two attempts, both of which I did within 9 hours. First, I had to catch a flight here, then the rental car, had my birthday dinner at Francesco's (a family favorite, very yummy!) I think I got to GZ around 9pm and searched all over (or so I thought). I'm not going to give away any hints here ... but I looked right at it at least once, obviously missed it on the first attempt. Returned solo at 0545 hrs today (halftrack guy was out like a rock) and took my time at GZ. There wasn't anyone out here at 0545am, LOL. Where are all the geocachers, huh?? Now I'm enjoying a nice hot mocha from a nearby coffee house, logging my find with my iPhone. Ahhh, life is good. LOL

Now that I've reached my first 1K, I've decided to attempt more puzzle caches in the next 1000. Thank you, marivic for bringing me here! Very nice cache!!


Here's what I consider to be one of my more recent BEST stories, tho!

Story: My new NC buddy!
Cache ID: west,east?,west (GC1W7RA)

Monday, 28 May 2012

1355 hrs - I found the best buddy in NC! A BIG thank you goes out to "debaere" for teaming up with me, and getting this done in such a timely manner.

The trip to Stage 1 was a fun time, with Kat-Attack, TheIronMom, SNF and TI. I'm still pretty sore from the nearly 4 mile hike. Stage 3 was far easier to get to ... I think we parked 90 feet away from GZ. Cache was in good shape!

Thanks for creating this great multi. Now I have a buddy in NC, and we are going to work on the sister cache now titled "I Have A Friend In San Diego."

Musings said...

Geo Id
The Bakkers
and Son JN Bakker

Finds at 1017 and counting

Last weekend I had planned a trip out to gather my 1000th find with my son. I just got him started with caching so he was going for his 75th. We were excited however till the morning of, it was raining quite hard. Hmmm, what to do, well we decided to pack extra pants and socks and shoes and went on a 6 kilometer hike through waist high brush, up and down muddy dirt bike paths, and through some mighty thick brush. We snagged 12 caches in that area, my 1000th find being one of them. After the first 10 minutes we were completly soaked so it didnt matter anymore. 3 Hours later we made it back to the truck. Lots of talking, laughing, joking around made this a trip to be cherished.


Unknown said...

Geo Id : Team CanDu
Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

In honor of 11 years of geocaching (may 2011) I wanted to do something special, mainly because my in laws (living energy) and brother in law (tall mark) and his family were coming over for a visit in the Netherlands ( they are Canadian)
I've read a story about a cacher who did a couple of states (US)in one day, that inspired me to try to do something the same, doing 5 caches in one day in five different country. Now every European guy would say that is absolutely nuts but to a Canadian every distance is relatively sort.
So on a nice Tuesday morning we left with our goal to do at least one cache in every country.
- Breakfast in Holland
- lunch in Belgium ( Fries, these are the best!!)
- Hors d'oeuvres in France ( need a I say more)
- Drinks in Luxembourg ( to small to mention :)
- Dinner in Germany. ( no speed limit on the autobahn!! we drove about 170 km an hour an we got taken over by a minivan :( that was an strange experience

It was a really nice day and a succesfull trip we ended up doing seven caches in 14 hours and 763 km

Hope you enjoy my story,


Unknown said...

Here is the story for my 2,000 find from GC10DDH Picturing a piece of Lewiston

Well this is a story about the diagnosis of OCCD*.

It was 2:30 on a Friday afternoon when Cache Assets called to tell me the airline messed up his kids’ flights so he was going to be up late at night and was wondering if I wanted to get my 2000 find while he was here. Without a slight bit of hesitation I said YES! The bad news was I was 32 caches away with only 220 caches within 50 miles of the house. For the average cacher it would have been a big road block, but for a cacher with OCCD* it was not a problem.

So at 4:30pm I headed up to Anatone to put in Mossman’s boat windshield before my adventure could start. That was the last thing that went right for the rest of the time.

Stop 1 Cache 0 Obstacle 1 Enee Menee Minee Rock I forgot the cords to this cache so we looked for a little bit at different rock piles but left empty handed.

Stop 0 Cache 0 Obstacle 2 The road across the Blue Mountains was very very muddy from all the rain and in my two wheel drive truck it was almost a no go. Slow and steady but we made it.

Stop 2 Cache 1 Obstacle 0 Brett's Birthday bash This was a text book find for me and the dogs loved it. The hiding spot was a little wet with all the rain but the cache was in great shape.

Stop 3 Cache 2 Obstacle 0 Lost in the Blue Mtns. Another quick find out in some beautiful county

Stop 4 Cache 3 Obstacle 0 The Sound of Music did blitz do that? Good spot for a cache but the fog was so thick we couldn’t see anything.

Stop 5 Cache 4 Obstacle 0 Misery Drift Inn the dogs ran all over on this one. A lot sloppy to get to but I had a no stop policy today.

Stop 0 Cache 0 Obstacle 3 Linville Ridge Rd This road was so muddy I almost wasn’t able to go down hill on it! I was sinking in the mudd three to six inches in places and was sliding around every corner. All the way down the hill there was spots were people would turn around and head back down because their 4x4 couldn’t make it up.

Stop 6 Cache 5 Obstacle 4 Rainbow Lake Revisited This was the worst cache of the trip. I drove up and down the road looking for the trail to the cache but it was dark and no such luck for me tonight. So we parked at the first camp site and followed some trials, one of the dogs ran off because she is afraid of water and the dark so I had to go back to the truck to leave the dog safe and sound in the truck. So back off to find the cache I went. I came to a spot in the creek were it was flowing over some rocks and not that deep. After crossing the creek I made my way away from the creek toward an imaginary trail that I thought should be just on the other side of the next sticker bush. I finally came to a spot were I ran out off dry land to walk on. So I started to use tree branches to stay out of the deep stuff. I was only about 65 feet away so turning back was not an option. I was now into “water” that was over my knee and smelled like cow crap but I was within 30 feet now. By the time I hit the trail I was bloody, wet and only a few feet away from the cache. It was a quick find and I was on the trail headed for the bridge over the creek. I crossed over the bridge and walked onto the road and turned around I really couldn’t see the trail I was just on. There was no way I would have found that in the dark. But I found it so that is all that matters.

Stop 7 Cache 6 Obstacle 0 Hopkins Ridge/Maloney Mountain This was a routine find for me tonight except for the mouse that almost ran across my hand.

Stop 8 Cache 7 Obstacle 0 Lewis & Clark Camp Nice cache I was able to stop and eat a little and also check my messages since I had cell signal again.

Stop 9 Cache 8 Obstacle 0 Pointing the Way quick stop and grab except for the traffic driving by.

Stop 10 Cache 9 Obstacle 0 Step Right Up...or Down very fast find

Unknown said...

Stop 11 Cache 0 Obstacle 5 Flour Mill Park Cache Park is closed at night NEXT!

Stop 12 Cache 10 Obstacle 0 Touchet River @ Rose Gulch Routine find thanks

Stop 13 cache 11 Obstacle 0 Rest Stop Treasure Yes it was closed at night but you couldn’t see my truck from the road so off I went.

Stop 14 cache 0 Obstacle 6 Touchet River @ US12 20 mins and the clue with no find, Gone?

Stop 15 Cache 12 Obstacle 0 Touchet River @ Gallaher Road nice walk down the way thanks.

Stop 16 Cache 13 Obstacle 0 Whoop'em Up quick find must keep moving on.

Stop 17 Cache 14 obstacle 7 Wait This was a quick find in a field of star thistles. What was not quick was looking for the dog who followed her nose around the fence and couldn’t get back.

Stop 18 Cache 15 Obstacle 0 Learning Geography Thanks for the quick smiley

Stop 19 Cache 16 Obstacle 0 Gate to the Old Country Quick find

Stop 20 Cache 17 Obstacle 0 Eastgate Frontier routine find

Unknown said...

Stop 21 Cache 18 Obstacle 0 EZ$ 2 Routine find

Stop 22 Cache 0 Obstacle 8 Waiting for a Ride To many muggles to look real well. Waited a bit but no luck with the muggles.

Stop 23 Cache 0 Obstacle 9 Menlo Park If the difficulty is really a 1 I need help. Or I am just a little fried and overlooked the obvious.

Stop 24 Cache 0 Obstacle 10 Memorial Pool Park As I pulled up a lady was letting her dog do it’s biz near ground zero

Stop 25 Cache 19 Obstacle 11 Xeriscape Revisited This one can be tough to get to if you are not going the right way on the right street and parking is limited except for the parking lot across the street that is also tough to get to.

Stop 26 Cache 0 Obstacle 12 Memorial Pool Park Was able to look this time but came up empty handed.

Stop 27 Cache 0 Obstacle 13 Organic Gardening Well we didn’t stop here since there was a bunch of people there this morning

Stop 28 Cache 0 Obstacle 14 Public Bench & Plaza How can anybody search in this spot? Waited for a few but a solid stream of muggles coming from the farmers market made it impossible.

Stop 29 Cache 20 Obstacle 0 Tektonik Shift Cache needs some help. Looks like it was a good one but the clue doesn’t work anymore since it has fallen apart

Stop 30 Cache 21 Obstacle 0 Tree City USA I found this one right away but as I turned around someone was coming up the path! Good thing it was just the cache owner. Had a nice visit and off to continue my trek.

Unknown said...

Stop 31 Cache 22 Obstacle 0 Rose Parking Lot Quick find thanks.

Stop 32 Cache 23 Obstacle 0 EZ$ 5 Thanks as advertised

Stop 33 Cache 24 Obstacle 0 Washington Park Not as fast as I would have liked but still got it done thanks

Stop 34 Cache 25 Obstacle 0 Doctor's Waiting Room This is the way a cache run should go fast and not a lot of muggles.

Stop 35 Cache 26 Obstacle 0 Green Egg and Scram Water proof? Well it was thanks

Stop 36 Cache 0 Obstacle 15 Hit the Road, Jack! Way to many Muggles for me to get this one. But got breakfast instead!

Stop 37 Cache 0 Obstacle 16 Muffler Art Topped her to eat my breakfast and grab one last cache before I headed back to the quad cities. But people were everywhere so Down the food went and off we went.

Stop 38 Cache 27 Obstacle 0 Flour Mill Park Cache it is open during the day so this was a quick grab and potty break then go cache.

Stop 39 Cache 28 Obstacle 0 Reubens Roundabout After getting back to the valley and picking up some friends we were off to get three more caches so I could hit 2000. This one was just as advertised a quick walk great for the dogs easy to find and back to the truck in no time. This should be an easy finish?

Stop 40 Cache 0 Obstacle 17 The Ties that Bind Well as I had said before it had rained a lot so the southern road was impassable for a two wheel drive truck and the northern road came to a gate with no trespassing sign on it. Well since we were almost out of fuel and needed to get one more cache we went over to Winchester for cache and gas.

Stop 41 Cache 29 Obstacle 0 Kickin It At The Campground A quick cache to fill the void left by another cache.

Stop 40 Cache 0 Obstacle 18 SPYDER CAVES Well this one is my fault that we didn’t get. I knew the general location of the final from pictures so we just started hiking. And not lookin at our gps. Well I thought the cords that we had gotten were for the final so we walked right past the next set of cords. And just kept going. By the time we got back to the cords we didn’t have enough time to go to the final and meet my wife who came back from Spokane early for the demolition derby that was postponed (no cell coverage to call and tell her) so we had to abandon ship for now.

Unknown said...

Stop 41 Cache 0 Obstacle 19 HGBP - Rookery After dinner and a little sweet talking we were on our way to the only cache in the valley for me to get to fill the void of the missing spyder caves cache. Wel it was dark but we were going to cross anyways with flash light we needed this cache! But even I had to call off the attempt when I saw how high the river had gotten from those stupid rains.

Stop 42 Cache 30 Obstacle 0 SS-1 Well there was nothing in the valley I could get so up to Moscow we went. It was late so no muggles around for this find but once I found it I was signing the log when some people came out of the video store. It was no big deal I was just writing on some paper…are you a geocacher? Me? How did he know I was only writing on some paper? It was the cache owner. We had a nice little chat and back down to Lewiston we went.

Stop 43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50 U-turn 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Phone a friend 1 (sorry guys I will never tell who) Cache 31 or #2000! Obstacle 20,21,22,23,24,25 Picturing a Piece of Lewiston Thanks Debbie this one was one I have been bugged about getting since before we moved down here. I always have wanted to do it but never took the time. So I thought I would make it my 2000 find. Yes Dale you were right I should have finished the puzzle before and just save the final it would have made it a lot less stressful. We found all but one picture but that is okay since it was the last number in the cords we would still be able to find it...I hoped. Well I guessed on the number and I was right. The cords put me within 1 foot of the container. Thanks for feeding my OCCD (Obsessive Compulsive Caching Disorder). This disease can not be self diagnosed but must be observed by a panel of your closes friends with the verdict being unanimous.

This cache hunt lasted from 4:30 pm Friday until 1:30 am Sunday morning. What fun.

idajo2 said...

Geo ID: idajo2
Location: Port Angeles, Washington
Caching Since: June, 2005
US States: 16
Countries: 2
Provinces: 1
Finds: 1,544
Status: Currently on caching hiatus (two new knees comin' right up!)
Cache: Hyperspace Bypass
Owner: Rey del Roble (GC1Q529)

My story and I'm stickin' to it:

sun . . spider . . wasp . . look . . poke . . prod . . sun! . . poke-poke . . prod-prod . . look . . *sigh* . . look . . *sigh* . . *sigh* . . squint . . deep breath . . :::hot::: . . "uncle" . . look . . poke . . push . . pull . . pout . . leave? . . never . . rethink . . aha! . . w-i-c-k-e-d . . sl . . superb!

Unknown said...

psi-lo (herself, me and the dog), UK.
This happened yesterday, the cache GC2V05C - Don's Dilemma - Lincolnshire.
I thought about trying to re-write this but the cache log tells the tale rather well.

Although we'd found our cache for the day, we'd plugged these numbers in just in case we DNF'd earlier so as we were passing we thought we'd give it a go. Followed the arrow in to zero feet and started our search but nothing caught our eye immediately. Started to widen the search area at which point I picked up the cache container, checked it over and put it back where I found it.
Widened the search further and spent the next fifteen or so minutes twiddling and prodding everything that could possibly contain a cache. This of course resulted in us finding absolutely nothing. Had a short break to throw a stick for Pig whilst -Lo continued searching.
She asked if I'd looked where she was searching (first place I'd looked) and told her "yes". She was insistent that I look again, so I retrieved the cache container and this time employed the Checker move. This resulted in me feeling like a complete berk and -Lo looking very pleased with herself.