Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Geocaching Australia

I got a pathtag in the mail today from to commemorate my first 100 finds on the service.  The service automatically sends out these path tags when milestones, like 100 finds, are logged. is one of many listing services around the world for geocaching.  As you'd expect caters to Australia caches.  Frequent readers of this blog may realize that I have not been outside North America in several years, and putting two and two together are wondering how I was able to make 100 finds on an Austrailian geocaching listing site.

The answer is locationless caches.  These are caches that do not have a container, nor do they have specific coordinates. Most of them require a cacher to find an object in the world, and post a picture and coordinates to claim the find.

I came across the idea of logging caches on during a discussion on Google Plus about my recent encounters with StreetView Cameras (here and here). During the discussion the fact that a locationless cache deals with encounters with StreetView cars.  I was intrigued so I logged the cache.  While I did I noticed that there were hundreds of locationless caches on the site.

At the same time I had a bike accident so I was off my feet for a few days.  I used that time to go through my archive of pictures and claimed locationless caches.  After a couple days I ended up with 100 finds.

From what I understand from discussions with Geocaching Australia, I am the first person overseas to be sent this pathtag, so it is a unique momento of my caching experiences.  Someday I hope to cache in Australia for real, but for now this pathtag will have to do.


Unknown said...

What a cool concept! You've got me intrigued.... I'm going to check it out. Like you, I hope to log some finds in Australia, but for now I have to settle with being an "armchair traveller" to places down under, surfing the 'net from my favourite couch in my cozy Canadian family room.

Unknown said...

Wow! that's crazy. How did you get the GPS coords for all the pix? Geocodes?

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

Most of the pics were taken at caches, so I just looked up the coords for the cache. Otherwise Google Maps.

I only did ones I could find the coords for in some form or another.

Ann said...

Congrats. We have cached in Australia, last November. We met up with a Sydney cacher for a quick lunch bite then he showed us how to get to one cache that we had tried and failed at Darling harbour. Then a few more caches around the city on our own, a couple in Melbourne, and a couple of challenges at Uluru. Also a couple found in Singapore enroute home