Monday, December 16, 2013

Chrysta Rae Photography Scavenger Hunt: 2013 Autumn Edition

The following are my submissions for the Autumn 2013 edition of the +Chrysta Rae's Photography Scavenger Hunt:

The hunt works like this, We are given 10 categories, and 2 months to shoot them in.  At the end everyones photos are revealed, and the winners announced.  500 of the finest photographers compete in the hunt so competition is fierce.

You can see my previous hunts here.

Category: Trick (all submissions)

The typical trick performed by every magician... just don't ask where Indiana Jones got the stormtrooper helmet from.

Category: Creepy (all submissions)

Seems legit...
Category: Gold (all submissions)

Whats a scavenger hunt without a good heist?
Category: Mummy (all submissions)

Little known fact, but Stormtroopers are notorious pranksters.
Category: Portrait (all submissions)
This category could be anything, except it had to have one of the subjects sitting.  This happy couple seemed satisfied with the results.

Category: Pumpkin (all submissions)

Life in the jack-o-lantern mines.
Category: SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera (all submissions)

This category could be anything, except that no processing could be done.  The pixels that get submitted are the same pixels that came straight from the camera.  The one exception was we were allowed to crop.

I had a camera that died due to moisture exposure (read about it here: Downpour!) so I decided to modify that camera to get a shot that is both figurative and literal.
Category: Stuffed (all submissions)

Thanks to XKCD for the idea.
Category: Thankful (all submissions)

I am thankful someone is cleaning up this mess!
Category: Trick (all submissions)

There is an age old saying: "never meddle in the affairs of Indy, for his is subtle, and quick to anger".