Saturday, January 25, 2014

Geocaching Adventures: Abandoned Roads

The mountains of NC are full of old abandoned roads.  Today, with some geocaching friends, I explored one of them.

The cache description said a 4x4 vehicle was required to get to the parking spot. Since we had regular "mere mortal" cars, we parked at the end of the road and walked the entire way in (and up - it added a mile, and 400ft elevation to our journey).

The road is now part of the Buffalo Cove Game Land so the place is essentially a park (but with wildlife you can shoot in certain seasons).

As we walked it started to snow, so we got to hike in flurries - flurries are the best precipitation.

Once we finally got up the hill to where we would have parked if we had 4x4s, we were faced with the beginning of an old road:
Being at the base of the mountains means the views are beautiful.
This is most of the gang. Left to right its Yours Truly, FailedApparatus, HoosierSunshine, SockMonkey235.  NinjaChipmunk was behind the camera.
Once we walked the mile or so to ground zero we quickly set about the task of finding the cache, signing the log, and logging it online.
Successful in our mission we walked back down the trail to our "mere mortal" mobiles.
One last look at the mountains.
... and we're done.

Another excellent adventure in the books.