Friday, March 28, 2014

Creative Cache Containers Part V

This is the fifth installment of my creative cache series.  All of these caches have been spotted in the wild during my various cache hunts.  I post them in hopes to inspire others to hide quality caches of their own, instead of tossing pill bottles under lamp skirts.

Lets kick this off with a cleverly hidden pressure gauge that has been converted into a geocache.  The end of the pipe is magnetic, so it sticks to other metallic pipes in the area. There are only a few spots where such a hide works, but in this case it was very effective.

The cache description said "Beware killer crocs spotted in the area". The humour alone makes this cache favourite point worthy.
Sometimes it is the simple hides that work best. This hollowed out stump fit in perfectly with its surroundings.  You cannot tell from the photo, but all of the trees in this area look pretty much the same.  The brass pipe helped keep it all together.  This is one of the better hides of this type I have found.
Another classic is the cache suspended in a tree.  One has to lower down the cache using a rope and pulley system of some kind.  This was a simple suspension, but the container was very thematic, don't you think?

If you can't make it out, this is a toy space ship, ALF themed.  Another example how a little bit of humour, and in this case a nostalgic cultural reference, adds a lot of character to a geocache, and allows it to stand out from the crowd.
Another take on a classic hide.  A muggle would likely never notice this, but a cacher can pick it out fairly easily.  It helps that the camouflage was taken (at least appears to have been taken) from the same wood that the rest of this retaining wall is made out of.  Makes it match perfectly.  The only clue is the slight offset bit of wood.  

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Go forth and create. Make the geocaching world a more interesting place.

Have you found any creative caches?  Drop them in the comments below.