Saturday, May 10, 2014

Book Giveaway: Fatal Dose by Russell Atkinson

The last time I was in California I had a chance to have lunch with Russell Atkinson, the author of the Cliff Knowles series of adventure/mystery books.

Before we parted ways he gave me a signed copy of his latest book, Fatal Dose, which I am going to give away to a lucky reader of this blog.  I figure since you put up with me, you should get a break and get some reading material from a properly good author - it is only fair.

About the book (from the Authors website)

"X-rays can kill cancer cells and save lives when administered properly. They can also kill people when things go wrong – a fact learned the hard way by retired FBI agent Cliff Knowles. Hired to unravel the cause of some mysterious overdoses, he gets too close to the truth and finds his own life on the line.

Inspired by actual cases he worked as an FBI agent in Silicon Valley, the author weaves an absorbing tale of greed, technology, and terrorism in this high-tech legal thriller. After reading Fatal Dose you’ll never look at an X-ray machine the same way.

Fatal Dose follows geocaching FBI agent Cliff Knowles in the third riveting installment of the popular Cliff Knowles Mysteries series."

About The Giveaway

Simply fill out this form with your name and valid email address and you will be entered into the drawing.  After May 31st I will draw a name from the list of entries, contact the winner to get their mailing address, and send you the book.  Couldn't be easier.

Enter by filling out this form:

Personal Note

I have no commercial interests with the author, the publisher, or, really, anyone.  I am a big fan of the author however, and am doing the give-away just because I was given a copy of the book by the author himself, and I wish to share the love. Truth be told he also gave me a personalized signed copy of the second novel in the series, Cached Out, but that is going to stay on my shelf of geocaching treasures.

If you are a geocacher and like mystery novels, and you haven't read Cached Out (my review here), you are missing out on a geocaching mystery novel the way they are meant to be done. Properly good stuff.  Fatal Dose is an equally good story, but is not geocaching centric, so should be a bit more accessible to the more general audience.

Good luck!