Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Creative Cache Containers VIII

This is the eighth installment of my creative cache series.  All of these caches have been spotted in the wild during my various cache hunts.  I hope that by sharing some of the awesome and creative hides that I have found over the years it may inspire others to build and hide their own creative caches.

Some of these are simple, some are quite complex, so hopefully the pictures and descriptions will do them justice.  So, let's begin.

Some of the coolest camouflage jobs is when the cache blends completely in to nature.   It is a bit obvious in the photo, but out in the field this camo is surprisingly effective.
This ammo can has 50 (count em!) film cans inside... your job is to find the log.  There is a twist, however...
Seen in the middle of the woods.  Urban camo in unexpected places adds a fun twist to an otherwise simple bison tube.  Pro tip: the plumbing section of your local hardware store can be a fun place to get components for creative caches (see the next cache for another example of caches using plumbing fixtures).
I'm sure someone out there will have nightmares about this next cache. This spider cache is huge in real life - the legs span out 3ft.  For perspective, the body is a 50cal ammo can.  The cache was also packed full of swag.  Very cool.
This last cache uses bits retrieved from nature to make a fun container for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed cache.  It is a  matchstick container glued to a turtle shell.
So that is the end of this episode of Creative Cache Containers: The Series.  I hope they will help inspire your next hide to be just a little more awesome.

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