Friday, August 01, 2014


Sometimes fortune smiles on the unfortunate.

Case in point: On the last day of our adventure at the COG Mega event in June, my bike, the Geobike Of Destiny, developed a flat tire.  This was the second time this happened that trip, and I was out of spare parts.   I had a whole week left on our trip, so I was looking at a week without a bike... 7 days is a long time for me to be without two wheels.

While on the way home we randomly decided to stop for a cache.  The cache is in a garden shed in their backyard (with clear instructions where to go, so while it felt weird walking into a strangers back yard, I was also confident it was the right yard).  As we walked up I noticed the cache owners were home, and we said heya.

We proceed to find the cache... one of the largest caches I have found to date.  It was also one of most well stocked caches: stuffed animals, books, knick knacks, life jackets etc.

The lady CO (sorry, I forget your names - I suck that way),  insisted we grab some items from the cache, even tho we didn't have swag to trade.  One of the items was a bike tire repair kit.  I immediately grabbed it, and told the CO how fortunate it was we dropped by, and explained the situation with my bike tire.

She smiled at me and informed me that the male CO (more personal name recall suckage, sorry again!) was a master bike mechanic, and ordered me to fetch my bike, which was on the back of the Geovan of Destiny.

10 minutes later I had a patched front tire, an adjusted rear tire, a lesson in bike repair,and provided with parts to help do emergency patches in the field.

This was, by far, the more fortuitous impromptu cache stop I have ever made, and confirmation that geoachers the world over are some of the best folks in the world.

If you have the chance, I highly recommend their cache: Shedding the Past: A Whole New Cache on Scene (GC2HNAM). The 107 favourite points are well deserved, and I can speak with personal experience that the cache owners are fantastic people.