Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Going Caching MMXIV: Lego Edition

My self-banishment from TV for a week in an effort to get myself out of a rut continued this evening, and it seems to be working.  However I seem to be fixated on creating Lego themed images.  Tonight was no exception. (Hey, Lego is awesome!)

I am planning on attending the Going Caching MMXIV Mega Event in Rome GA in October, and I am soon going to be shifting into deep planning mode for it.  However before I dive off the deep end, I used my creative juices to come up with this scene, keyed off the events Roman theme.

So, I present to you, Going Caching: Lego Edition.

Hope to see some of you there! Details of the event can be found here: Going Caching MMXIV (GC4AHKM)