Sunday, November 23, 2014

NaNoWriMo: Third Week Update

Three weeks into my first attempt to write the first draft of a >50K word novel, and things are coming along nicely.  I was worried that this week would end up being unproductive due to this week being my on-call shift at work - if the pager is busy it can suck my energy to do other things.  Fortunately the pager was quiet, and I only have 18 hours left in my shift, so it ended up not being much of a factor for my writing progress.

Actually I have had a great weekend. I've written over 6K words this weekend (with a couple hours of prime time writing left tonight) which as brought me from being 2 days behind when I started this challenge to being 2 days ahead of schedule. Not to shabby.

Part of my speed up is having a decent outline to follow.  Part is getting used to slipping into my universe quickly, and staying there longer.

Being at 42K words is a good feeling.  I definitely have enough story to get over 50K. I am writing the climax now so the writing is exciting.  So I am going to end this and get back to writing.

Stay tuned for my final report next week!