Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Geocaching Adventures: Puerto Rican First

This is me at the entrance to the park at the end of today's adventure:
 I am exhausted. Very exhausted.  I just completed one of the hardest hikes I have ever done in my life, all so I could find my very first Puerto Rico geocache!
OK, OK, so it is actually my second Puerto Rican geocache (the picture from my first cache, found 30 minutes before, came out all blurry. I didn't have my hiking buddy, Joel, along at that point to snap a better photo. So we're just going to have to buy into the lie and suspend disbelief for now, all right?).

For the purposes of geocaching stats, Puerto Rico is considered a different country, which means today was also an "add a new country to my stats" day. A momentous occasion to be sure.

I found it at the base of this tower here:
At the top of said tower, Yokahรบ tower to be precise, I got stunning views of the surrounding area:
Which all makes for a very memorable "first cache in a new country" day.

There is actually way more interesting things to the story of this day, but I am exhausted (see first photo above - I still look like that, tho now I am sitting beside the pool at the hotel instead of lying in a heap on the lawn at the entrance to a national forest), so that story will have to wait for another day.

Stay tuned!