Wednesday, December 03, 2014

When A Geek Decorates A Christmas Tree

So as you may be aware, I have children.

I am also slightly geek-ish.

It is also almost Christmas time.

More importantly, its after the US Thanksgiving.

With me so far?

So the last few days my wife and kids have been starting to decorate the living room with Christmas things - stockings hanging from the chimney with care, and the Christmas tree ornaments - that sort of thing.

So my charming and lovely wife left me alone without adult supervision for the evening.  As a result I decided to add some of my own decorations to the tree.

The following are some pictures of what I added.

First off is a geocaching trackable tag. There are actually three of these on the tree.

I added a geocache to the base of the tree - a lovely ammo can.
A Going Caching turtle trackable.
An Android.
Even the good Doctor Who is making an appearance. 
It is good the Doctor is hanging out on the tree, as the weeping angels are on the loose.

So that are some geeky elements for our tree. What geek ornaments are you adding to your tree this year?