Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pacolet Geotrail Geocoin Has Arrived

My Pacolet Geotrail geocoin has arrived!

If you recall on the second day of 2015 I did the Pacolet Geotrail in Pacolet South Carolina, a small town full of interesting history and landscape (adventure covered here).  Completion of that geotrail earned me a geocoin.  It came in the mail today, complete with a hand written card from the mayor of Pacolet.  I've never gotten a hand written card from a mayor before, so that was a nice addition.

Here is the letter:
And here is the front of the coin (It proved tough to capture in my camera, so I went with the Google AutoAwesome view).  It is a solid "gold" coin. The small words at the bottom read "South Carolina".
Thanks Pacolet!  Also thanks to the geocachers who maintain this awesome trail in this fanstastic small town.