Saturday, February 14, 2015

Placing A Cache With Kids

Today I was on a mission.  I am working with a bunch of geocachers across the state on building a new geotrail (details likely coming later), and one of the spots is over in Wilkesboro NC.

So my kids and I piled into the Geovan of Destiny, and headed off in search of a good place to hide a brand new geocache.

This is the story of that adventure.

It was a chilly day for North Carolina - just above freezing, so we all bundled up.  

Then we grabbed some trekking poles, and headed off down the trails.

Zeke, especially, loves hiking down trails.
At one point Abigail tripped over her own feet, as toddlers are wont to do.  She then decided she had had enough of this "out in the woods" business and wanted to go home.  So we started heading back.  Halfway back along the return journey I found a good looking spot for a geocache, so we stopped to take a closer look.

She soon got back into the spirit by examining closely the woods around her.
She also looked all over for a good place to put the cache.
We finally found a spot!
I paused to grab some decent coordinates while the kids played some more in the woods.  Once coordinates were obtained, we headed back down the trail to the car.
So we ended our morning with a nice hike in the woods, a brand new geocache placement, a lot of fun, and we grabbed lunch on the way home.

Today was successfully successful.