Monday, May 11, 2015

Kicking Off The Summer Travel Season: Unexpected Destinations Edition

Allow me to be cryptic for a moment, however it will likely set up a whole summer of awesome adventure posts.

It is funny how plans change.  A year ago, if you asked me what my plans were for the summer road trip season, I would have have said :  Going to Maryland to attend GeoWoodstock 13 on Memorial Day weekend, and heading to the UK for 2 weeks in mid summer.  Slowly but surely those plans were eroded, changed, and morphed into something I both neither expected, but I suspect will be much more epic.

First off, a work trip was scheduled during GeoWoodstock weekend, which meant I could not attend that event, nor fit in the week long road trip I had planned around that event.  I had been planning GeoWoodstock 13 ever since it was announced at GeoWoodstock 12, so I was actually quite distraught at missing what is one of my most favourite annual geocaching events.  However some quick investigations of my options near the destination of the business trip unveiled some rather unique geocaching opportunities.   Due to my employer being awesomely flexible with mixing vacations and business travel, I've managed to arrange some vacation time to take advantage of those unique opportunities.

Not to mention that, due to friendships I made during The Great Scavenger Meetup in March,  I'll have my own tour guide, and more importantly, partner-in-crime, for much of those adventures.

As for the UK trip, the work trip made that sort of trip somewhat(-ish) redundant.  Also other friends I made during The Great Scavenger Hunt Meetup, gave my wife an idea for another adventure that both allows us to spend more time with my new found Scavenger tribe members *and* explore something very near and dear to our hearts.  So the UK trip has morphed into another epic road trip.

Still with me?

So what this means is that I have a whole host of planned adventures this summer season, starting with one I depart for this week.  Exact details TBD, because spoilers.

So where is this first adventure?  Well, you'll just have to wait and read this blog to find out.  However, as a hint, if I had a large enough selfie stick, I'll be able to take this shot (not to scale):

Stay tuned.  2015 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for exploration and adventure.

Now, please excuse me. I am off to pack my suitcase.