Monday, June 01, 2015


It does not take a lot of time on the ground in any European city to know that a fancy church or cathedral exist in every town, and another one is likely just around the next corner.  Many look a lot alike, and tho each one does have its own unique characteristics, they soon start to blend together.

One thing they have in common is that they tend to be obvious, dominating structures.

Mainz holds one of the most beautiful examples of these churches, and its almost hidden in plain sight.

The entrance is along an old narrow street, and there are buildings build right beside the churches.  If one didn't pay attention it would be easy to miss the iconography that marked the building as a church and mistake it as just another shop.

I almost overlooked it myself, but the folks I was with pointed it out and wanted to check it out.  So I joined them.

I am glad I did.

As soon as I walked thru the doors I could see that this church, Augustinerkirche, was a beautiful place.
 As you can see the whole church is lined in white stone, gilded trim, and fancy colourful artwork.  The windows are large and clear, which lets in a lot of light.
 The back of the church features a really nice pipe organ.  The ceiling also had a nice surprise:

This just goes to show that one never really knows whats behind the next door, and one should keep their eyes open when exploring a new area.  You may very well just find amazingly beautiful architecture in the most unexpected places.