Saturday, June 06, 2015

Scenes From Zurich Part 2

Recently I spent a week in Switzerland, and had many adventures, and took many pictures.  I was based in Zurich.  This is the second of three posts containing the pictures I took while walking those streets.

We'll start where we left off last time with a view of the city taken from atop the Lindenhof.  The two-towered church on the right is the Grossmunster, which is the largest church in town.
A view of Lake Zurich, taken from the north shore.
Trams in Zurich are as common as... well... common things.  They ended up becoming my preferred method of getting around town.
One of the old streets in town.   To my eye it looks quintessential old European.
Further down the same street.
Remember that quintessential European street (hint: look up)?  It ends at a courtyard.  This is the view from the other side looking back.
 Not all the streets are narrow - some are quite wide.
Pretty pink houses, for you and me.  The lady in the bottom right in the white-ish trench coat is my friend, and guide, Sivani.
I loved the colourful lettering on this balcony.
One more post to go. Stay tuned!