Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Great Canadian Road Trip: Agawa Bay

My last post about the Great Canadian Road Trip told the tale of how we arrived at Agawa Bay campground on the north shore of Lake Superior.

We have been hoteling it so far, but the chance to spend the night out doors by a great lake was irresistible, so we made sure to bring our camp gear with us.

When we arrived we set about the business of setting up camp at a spot right along the water.

Then we set about the business of grilling some steaks over a camp fire.

Then we set about the business of photographing some of the fantastic landscapes that northern Ontario has to offer.

Since we were on the north east shore, we had a great view of the sunset.
This stump was sitting at the mouth of a creek that flowed thru the campground an drained into the lake.
This shot was taken from our campsite while I was getting the campfire started.
Early the next morning Ron and I woke up at 5AM and hiked up to Awausee Overlook to catch the sunrise.  We started the ~1 KM hike in the pitch dark.  This shot was from the trip down afterwards.
Awausee Overlook is on the edge of a large hill that is part of the Algoma highlands. It is a bare rocky outcroup that sits several hundred feet above the level of the lake.

Personal historical note:  This shot is the first HDR shot I have published.
The view of the lake from the overlook is breathtaking.  For reference, the campground where we stayed the night is passed the bridge and in the tip of the bay.
When we arrived back at camp we quickly packed up and headed down the road. We stopped a few minutes later where we checked out this cool rocky stream.  Here Debbie got into the photographer game by taking shots of an inuksuk.
Ron headed off to grab some shots of the water fall.
All of this happened before breakfast.  So when we done with the stream, we drove off in the Geovan of Destiny in search of more places to shoot - and a Tim Hortons.

Photography, it seems, is hungry business.