Sunday, September 06, 2015

The Great Canadian Road Trip: The Red Deer Sessions (Part Two)

This is the second of two parts from the Red Deer Sessions. If you haven't yet, checked this post out to catch up.

When we last left off, I was in an photo studio/auto-body shop on a weekend hanging out with a bunch of photographer friends, doing a model shoot.

We didn't have any real goals in mind, so we were just shooting and posing as the creative spirit led us.  No one was immune from being pulled in front of the lights and being ask to model (myself included, tho sometimes I had to photobomb other peoples shoots - a Diva's work is never done).

Shooting models is hungry work, so it was fortunate we had a craft table to get refreshments between shoots.
Back to the models for a bit.  I like the soft light on her face here.
Lest you think black backgrounds are my only medium, let me confound all expectations and go with a grey one.
Like I said above, no one was immune from being pulled in front of the lights and cameras and put into action.  Here is the owner of the studio, and fellow Scavenger, Paul Howard.
Also, someone who seems more comfortable behind the camera, but still pulls off an glowing enigmatic smile in front of one, Ms Chrysta Rae. (Ah, geez!)
Even Willow, the plucky and fluffy hound, got into the spirit of things.
And finally, one last group shot of my wife, Paul, Liz, and Ron, who make up the posse of Scavengers who have driven across the country to get to this point, and one of the reasons (hey Paul) why we drove all this way.
Thus ends the tales from the Red Deer Sessions.  However we're still not done heading west.  Stay tuned for further details from the Trans Canada Highway. Up next is the Rockies. She's gonna be a beauty, eh?  

Stay tuned!