Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Nevada Desert

A month-ish ago I spent a day with the wonderful +Nancy Levan exploring parts of Nevada.  We started the day doing a sunrise shoot over Lake Mead.  Afterwards we went for a drive and explored some more of the desert.

We'll start with a shot from the northern-ish end of Lake Mead.
This part of the desert doesn't have a lot of vegetation, but it does have a few cacti.
It also has the occaisional scrub-like tree.  The views are long and spectacular, tho.
Another shot of the scrub-brush like trees.  These things are only 12-18 inches high.
It is hard to believe all of this awesome nature, that feels so desolate and in the middle of nowhere, is only 30-45 minutes outside of the booming city of Las Vegas.
Everyone should spend time time in a desert.  I'm glad I got this chance.  Hopefully, someday, I will be back.