Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Morning Stroll Along The Vegas Strip

Going through my archive recently I realized I had some adventures to share that I had not gotten around to posting yet.  In early September I was in Vegas for a work offsite.  I arrived mid-afternoon on a Wednesday.  Thursday morning I woke up early to walk the strip in the early morning light.

I started indoors at Ceasars Palace.
Then I moved over to the indoor flower garden at the Bellagio.
When I headed outside, I caught this scene, overlooking the Bellagio pool in the foreground, and Paris in the background.
The lights of the strip still look good in the blue of the early dawn.
If you have ever been to Vegas you know that the elevated walkways that cross the roads are lined with glass.  I noticed this glass was showing some interesting reflections.  I am not entirely sure I like the results, but I figure no harm in posting the attempt.  What do you think?
One last shot of the strip before breakfast.
The Vegas strip can be incredibly annoying in the evening hours with all the party-people, drunks, pimps, and just the large mass of regular folks trying to avoid losing their mortgage payments.   However an early morning stroll leaves the same fascinating things to photograph, without the crowds.

If you ever hit Vegas, I highly recommend waking up early, grabbing your camera, and going for a pre-breakfast stroll.  You won't regret it.