Saturday, April 09, 2016

Spring Break: Downtown Savannah

This story starts where the first in this series of Spring Break adventures left off, in Savannah GA.

The family and I had just left Bonaventure Cemetery, and were headed towards the beach, a short 30 minutes drive away.  A drive that would take us 3.5 hours to complete.

Why?  Cause... squirrel.

The squirrel in this case was a bridge we noticed in the distance.  It was a pretty bridge, but it was off over yonder, past the city.  So we decided to track it down and get a good view, so when the map said to head east to the coast, we headed west to track down the bridge.

Why?  Cause:  curious.

So as we drove we quickly ended up in downtown Savannah.  As is inevitable travelling with wifey's and small kids, the need for a potty break soon arose.  So we decided to make a lunch stop, found a place to park, and hunted down a restaurant.

They served wings.  Win!

After lunch we decided to continue our bridge hunt on foot.  So we walked around.  Along the way we ran across a horse drawn carriage that offered tours.  The lady who was operating the carriage gave us a good deal on a ride, so we took it.  30 minutes later, and our heads full of newfound history of Savannah, we were no closer to finding our bridge.

So we headed closer to the river.  When I saw this, I figured we were getting close.
We had arrived at the banks of the Savannah River.  Across the river was South Carolina.  To get there required a trip on a ferry. This ferry to be precise.
However we did not need to take it, for over our shoulder yielded this view:
Hey look, a bridge!  We found it!

Victorious in our quest, we stopped to take in the sights and sounds of the waterfront.  I noticed these tug boats steaming up river, which seemed relatively scenic, as well as industrially nautic.
So content in a mission accomplished, we ran back to the Geovan of Destiny thru the mean streets of Savannah, Georgia...
... after all, we have a beach to explore.